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Our Story

Our journey started in 2005, when few IT related friends gathered at Kamber Ali Khan, a town in Sindh, Pakistan in the name Kambersoft and later it was renamed as HikTik Host in 2010.

Hik Tik Host is an Information Technology company that provides a range of IT Solutions amongst which is Enterprise Software development, Integrated Web Services which include web and intranet development and web hosting. Our approach to development is that of excellence, relevance, accessibility and usability and we have the necessary experience and expertise to build the kind of solution that will suit your company’s needs.

Hik Tik Host Software Solution’s strength lies in perceiving the client’s business processes, culture vision and goals across the industry segments and offering client oriented solutions, which are highly reliable. We commenced operations in 2005, to provide consulting and IT services to clients - globally as partners to conceptualize and realize technology driven business transformation initiatives.

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We are always here to help you, feel free to contact us.

Satisfied Customers

We have more happy smiles than red faces, because we we say we do!

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We won't let you go, if its your choice or compulsion free migration will help.

Our Technology

In today’s fast moving markets, companies no longer just want a vendor who responds to requests at a minimal cost - they need an innovative partner that can quickly turn ideas and projects into value-generators with minimal cash burn, and that’s what we do.
We are a single provider for managing and securing mission-critical IT services. We range from providing managed services to software solutions and applications for your business.

Our Team

Our besties.

Abbas Korejo


Abbas Korejo, is an entrepreneur and an extra ordinary creative mind, he plays a vital role in all around services.

Ubed Thaheem

Chief Operating Officer

Ubed Thaheem is not only a programmer but energetic web developer, he always finds a way to complete his jobs in targeted time to deliver.

Raza Babar

Chief Marketing Officer

Raza Babar is born to motivate, with his motivational skills he is able to sale a comb to a bald.

Here’s What Our Customer Have Been sayings About Us

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